Our Fifth Pathfinder Session

After our fifth session of playing Pathfinder, I decided to write up our adventures to immortalise this epic journey. This was a relatively short session, and after seeing how much time it took, my insparation jumped out the back door and down the fire escape screaming. No, I havn't given up completely, but it's gonna take some time. Between me and another player we'll get things written down eventually, but for now, here is session 5:


Baldur - Human Druid with Huar, his tiger animal companion.
Caleb - Elven Wizard
Amn - Human Monk
Linda - Half-Elven Rogue
Hawke - Elven Ranger

The party arrives in Daggerfalls in almost perfect condition. All their wounds were healed by the fountain’s water in the crypt. Only Amn seems to suffer from some form of disease, which according to Baldur could easily be treated at the town’s temple.
After leaving the siblings at their relieved father they now stand in front of their much beloved Teshford Arms.

Caleb: Olivia, cheap wine. Empty the sack Baldur, I want that spellbook.

Baldur: He looks around at the patrons inside. Better do this in private.

They pay for a room and meal and empty the contents of the bag on a table inside.

Baldur: Linda, those goggles are part of your earnings as we discussed.

Linda: And I suppose I get a smaller cut of the gold as well? She throws the goggles on the pile of items.

Caleb: Equal share, you occasionally contributed.

Amn: Looking pale as the dead. I do not wish to be a bother, but I really feel I should be seeing a cleric soon.

They divide their treasure as follows:

Braces of Armor +1
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Longsword +1
Chainmail +1

Goggles of Minute Seeing

Wand of Produce Flame
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom

Zombie’s Spellbook
Wand of Mage Armor (10 charges)

Amn and Baldur heads to the temple to treat Amn’s disease. The clerics offer to treat him over the course of a few days. They also inform him that he won’t fully recover his health without the aid of a spell. Baldur offers to cast  Lesser Restoration for him once the disease has been cured.
Linda offers to sell the longsword +1 and the full plate +1 while Caleb sells the pendant they found. In addition to the items, the party makes a healthy sum of gold pieces.
Baldur requests a five week break so he can properly train Huar, none of the others objects and they each set about on their own business.

Baldur spends the five weeks teaching Huar some basic commands. When he isn’t training he lends a hand to the surrounding farms, working for food and lodging. As promised, Baldur casts Lesser Restoration for Amn when he feels better. After frequent visits to the local chapel of Chauntey, he donates a large sum of gold. A masterwork club is crafted for him by the local weoponsmith with most of his remaining gold.

Caleb uses the time to scribe new spells into his spellbook. He needed to purchase scrolls from the local wizard, Edward, since the spellbook they found contained mostly necromantic spells, his opposed school of magic as an evoker. The rest of the time he spends his days at Edward’s concocting Alchemist Fire, some of which leaves him singed from head to toe. At night he can always found at the Teshford Arms drinking himself into a stupor until Amn or Baldur have to take him to his room after he passes out.

Hawke hears rumors about his father still being alive. He informs the rest of the party and leaves Daggerfalls to follow up on these rumors.

Amn spends his days hardening his fists against trees, and practicing his martial art.

Linda, pleased with the amount of gold earned on her first adventure, heads to Daggerfall’s local weoponsmith to purchase a rapier, scoping the people she passes for easy targets. After buying the rapier and passing the market, she heads into a quiet alleyway to count the contents of the pouches she pocketed during her stroll. Her big smile disappears as two knocks on the back of her head reveals her underestimation of the town’s size. She fades from consciousness right before her face hits the floor.
She wakes up in a dark room with only a candle on a table next to the chair she is tied to. Of all the places, she didn’t expect a thieves guild to be operational in Daggerfalls. A man’s voice came from behind her.

Man: Linda, Linda, Linda. A girl like yourself should know better really. In other towns you would not be so lucky.

Linda: Lucky? Funny, my throbbing head doesn’t agree.

Man: Yes lucky. You’re still able to feel your head throbbing. I’ll be brief, the tithe to the guild is one quarter of your earnings with an annual fee of fifty gold pieces, our fee for letting you operate around town. If you’re planning on doing something a bit more elaborate than cut-pursing, we need to know the details. This is your first and only warning. I’ve already taken the liberty of taking our cut. Contact Fulgar if you want to get in touch.

Linda: Believe me I’m sorry, I know we’ve started on the wrong foot but cut me loose and I’m sure we c...Another blow to the head knocks Linda unconscious again.

Man: We still don’t trust you enough to just cut you loose here.

She wakes in the same alley where she was taken from. A quick scan through her belongings reveals that there is honour among thieves, and she goes on her way.
The remainder of the five weeks she walked the streets to pick the pockets of the unsuspecting townsfolk. She pays all her earnings to Fulgar in the hopes of increasing her disposition towards the guild.
After a quick appraisal, she fails to discover that the ring she pocketed in the crypt is in fact magical. She still holds on to it though.


It’s about five weeks after the party returned from Kassen’s crypt. By now everyone is done with their personal affairs except for Hawke, who wasn’t heard of again since he left. Everyone was enjoying a good meal and drinks at the Tehford Arms when Dimira approached their table.
Baldur: Dimira! How have you been?

Dimira: Hello Baldur, I’m doing okay I guess.

Caleb: *hic*, brother still crazy? (Passes out drunk)

Dimira: A little shocked at the bluntness of the question. He still hasn’t recovered from the incident at the crypt.

Baldur: Sorry to hear that Dimira, and don’t mind Caleb, he has problems of his own. Is there something we can help you with?

Dimira: I thought I’d inform you that the man with the pendants from Kassen’s tomb was spotted in Alvis.

Linda: How do you know that?

Dimira: The merchant I originally saw talking to the man  arrived in town today, he just came from Alvis and said he had seen this man there recently.

Baldur: What is so important about these three pendants?

Dimira: Not sure but I think I heard Asar mention something about combining the 3 pendants to open the way to a tomb full of treasure.

Baldur: Thank you Dimira, we’ll investigate as soon as we can.

Linda: A tomb full of treasure...Drifts off into her fantasies.

After discussing the details with Dimira, the party decides to leave first thing in the morning.

Linda: Decides she needs to go speak to Fulgar before they leave in the morning. She gets up and starts walking.

Baldur: Where are you going Linda?

Linda: I have to take care of some girl stuff.

Baldur and Amn: Ah. They both drop the subject.

Baldur: Amn, flip a coin please.

Amn: Takes a gold piece and flips it in the air. Heads, I win. Amn stands up and heads for his room.

Baldur: Releases a long sigh. All right come on Caleb, time to go to sleep. Baldur throws Caleb over his shoulder and takes him to his room before retiring himself. Maybe a little adventure will be good for him.

The party leaves for Alvis first thing in the morning. The trip progresses during the day without hinder. As usual, Baldur and Huar hunts for small game to feed the party and when he returns, they set up camp for the night.
Baldur is leaning comfortably against a tree with his eyes closed and a smile on his face as he takes in the sounds of the early morning. Caleb took first watch, as usual, but with Hawke absent, Baldur took the job of second watch. He rests his hand on Huar's head, feeling at peace as the sound of birds grows stronger and stronger. Soon the sun will rise, and they will set forth towards Alvis once more.
The peace doesn’t last long though. Baldur's eyes snaps open when he hears a rustle in some nearby bushes. He sees Huar tense up too, and over his shoulder, he sees Caleb out of his meditative state looking towards the same direction. While Baldur tries to illuminate the bushes with his spell enchanted shield, Caleb whispers a few arcane words and waves his hand in the direction of the undergrowth. As Caleb's spell moves aside the leaves and branches, a sharp chill goes through his stomach as he sees what was hiding from them.

Caleb: Drow! Drow! Darts towards the sleeping Amn. Wake up Amn! The drow are going to enslave me, and torture Linda!

Baldur: Charges into the bushes towards the dark elf. His club connects solidly against the dark elf’s head. Blood pours from the drow’s mouth and nose as he collapses to the floor. Caleb? Are they supposed to die this easy?

Caleb: They must be coming back from a raid, already injured!

Baldur: With much dread Baldur realises that he has just killed someone purely based on his race. He considers tying the man up and healing him back to health. Think there’s more of them?

Chanting suddenly emanates from deeper into the forest. Neither Baldur nor Caleb recognises the spell, but soon Baldur feels the effects on his mind. Lucky for him he manages to shake off the effects. A barrage of darts flies from the surrounding forest, two strike their intended target.

Linda: Snoring very unwoman-like gets a dart in her back, the poison on its tip not affecting her.

Huar: Also feels the sting of a poisonous dart, but is unaffected by the poison as well. He looks attentively at his master for commands.

Caleb: Looks at the dart that missed him. Poison, great! He casts Mage Armor on Amn and then falls to the earth in the hopes of avoiding more darts. I don’t see any of them! We’re doomed! He rambles on about their imminent doom.

Linda: Wakes up from the pain of the dart. Still confused she gets up and draws her rapier.

Baldur: Moves deeper into the forest to find the spellcaster.

The spellcaster starts chanting again, not far from where Baldur is. Baldur recognises the spell as Cause Fear but again shakes its effects. More darts come flying out of the forest, hitting only Linda.

Linda: Pulls the dart from her arm before the poison has any effect.

Amn: Stands up and looks at the moonlit forest around them, trying to pick up on the slightest of movements. His heart starts beating in his throat when he realizes the locations of their assailants. They have us surrounded! He starts pointing and shouting directions to help his companions find the hidden drow.

Huar: Hears Baldur whistle from deeper into the forest. Thanks to the five weeks of training, Huar knew his master is calling for him and obeys.

Caleb: Thanks to Amn’s directions, Caleb sees a drow lurching next to a tree. He rolls over to lie on his back and casts Magic Missile. Two bolts of magic fly from his hands into the forest and with two bright flashes of light the drow falls to the ground, the newly created craters in his chest still glowing slightly. Relieved by the apparent fragility of the drow, Caleb starts laughing maniacally, gathering quick confused glances from every member of the party.

Linda: Also thanks to Amn, sees a dark elf about thirty feet away from her. She moves into the forest to engage.

Baldur: Looking towards where the chanting came from he finds an intimidating female dark elf with an even more intimidating glare on her face. Baldur lifts his blood smeared club into the air and moves to engage her.

Again darts sprout from the darkness and flies towards most of the party who finds themselves suddenly outlined by blueish flames, Caleb’s laughter is halted as one strikes him.

Caleb: Amazingly, the poison on the dart doesn’t affect him as he pulls the dart from his side. He looks at the flames and recognises the effect. This looks like Faery Fire.

Drow(in melee with Linda): It’s a dazzling display of swordplay as the two fencers have at one another. A small flick from the drow throws Linda off balance, but the subsequent jab from the drow doesn’t penetrate her armour.

Amn: Moves with incredible speed towards a dark elf. The drow tries to draw his rapier, but doesn’t get to it fast enough as the monk slams his fist into his chest. It crushes ribs and the drow looks to be in an considerable amount of pain.

Baldur: Huar, attack!

Huar: With a roar Huar leaps towards the female drow, almost knocking her over as his full weight plummets into her. He grabs and holds her in his claws, forcing her to use all her effort to keep her upright.

Caleb: Casts a Force Missile and the magical bolt of energy collides into the drow Amn struck, leaving another glowing crater as the drow falls face down on the ground.

Linda: Twirls the drow’s rapier before flicking it aside, leaving the half elf wide open. Linda stabs the drow’s throat sending the drow bleeding and dead to the forest floor.

Baldur: With the drow mage forced to deal with his tiger, Baldur attacks her with full force, breaking a few of her ribs in the process.

Drow Mage: Her screams of pain echo through the forest. Then suddenly, Baldur and Huar is blinded.

Caleb soon becomes blinded as well as another volley of darts fly out from the forest, none of which strike to do any real damage.

Amn: With a smoldering crater now in the dark elf he was fighting, Amn turned his attention to the next nearest dark elf, holding him in a grapple.

Huar: The drow mage falls down, the weight of the tiger and her broken ribs getting the best of her. Though blind, Huar bites claws and rakes until she stops moving.

Caleb: Horrified by his blindness, Caleb tries to remember everything he knew about dark elves. It suddenly dawned upon him that the drow can conjure up a globe of complete darkness. He gets to his feet, and moves out of the effected area before he lies prone again.

Linda: Knows there are more drow hiding from sight. She takes a moment to look for them and finds two, one of which is close enough to engage.

Baldur: Confused by the sudden blindness Baldur backtracks away from where he last saw the mage, hoping to avoid an attack. He is relieved when he moves out of the globe’s range and is able to see once again. Baldur too attempts to find more of their hidden attackers, but sees only the one Linda engaged.

Two darts fly from the forest, both aimed at Caleb, one of which strikes true.

Caleb: Once again is unaffected by the poison.

Drow(Amn): Creates a globe of darkness around him and Amn.

Drow(Linda) : Finds an opening in Linda’s defense, but Linda dodges the jab with ease.

Amn: He clears his mind to avoid himself from panicking from his apparent blindness as he forces the drow into a pin.

Baldur: Hearing the silence from inside the globe of darkness he suspects that either Huar or the mage is down. He whistles for Huar.

Huar: Emerges from the globe of darkness. Baldur is very relieved.

Caleb: Caleb tries to find more drow in the dark forest around them, he spots one in the distance. He starts rummaging through his backpack and retrieves an acid flask from it.

Linda: Her jab penetrates through the drow’s armour, badly wounding him.

Baldur: Succesfully manages to push Huar to seek out drow.

Caleb: Gets hit by another dart and once again doesn’t succumb to its poison. Never challenge the fortitude of a wizard!

Drow(Linda): Stabs Linda in her chest, narrowly missing her heart. Blood courses out of the wound at an alarming rate.

Amn: Deciding it best to tie up the drow, he picks him up and drags him blindly in the direction where he estimates his backpack is at. He emerges from the globe of darkness, thankful to be able to see again.

Huar: Using his scent, quickly locates another drow and attacks, but the drow dodges the tiger’s bite.

Caleb: Notices the dissapearance of the drow he spotted, casts Force Missile on the drow Amn is dragging out of the globe of darkness.

Linda: Demonstrates to the drow where the heart is situated. She assesses her wound as he falls to the ground.

Baldur: Sprints to Huar to engage the drow himself.

Drow(Baldur+Huar): creates a globe of darkness around them.

Drow(Amn): Tries but fails to escape Amn’s grapple.

Amn: Drags the drow closer to where his backpack is, he screams to Caleb: I got this one, find the other one!

Huar: Unable to see in the darkness, he doesn’t do anything.

Caleb: Casts Force Missile on Amn’s drow again, this time killing him.

Amn: To Caleb: Why did you do that? I told you not to kill him.

Caleb: What? No, you said “you got this” you didn’t say don’t kill him.

Baldur: Swings at the last location of the drow, but hits nothing.

Caleb: Now if I were them I’d run at this point too.

Baldur: Emerges from the blackness with Huar. Is it over? Everyone okay?

Caleb: Pulls all the darts out of himself. I’m fine. I heard chanting, did you get the spellbook?

Linda: Holding her wound trying to stop the bleeding. I need help!

Baldur: Points to the globe of darkness where the drow mage was killed. The mage was killed over there. Heads to Linda and casts Cure Light Wounds after pulling a dart out of her. He studies the dart. This could’ve gone seriously wrong if some of us got poisoned.

Amn: Looks at the dead drow he’s been grappling. I would’ve liked to question one of them and find out why they attacked. Looks annoyed at Caleb who is now sitting in front of the globe of darkness waiting for it’s effect to end.

Baldur: I think we should move as soon as possible, those that got away might come back with backup.

They wait for the darkness effect to end and loot the bodies.

Caleb: Returns to Baldur looking upset. Since when do mages wear armor?

Baldur: No spellbook?

Caleb: None, a CLERIC doesn’t carry one!

Baldur: Manages to avoid a chuckle.  I am sorry my friend.

Apart from some coins, they don’t find much else. Caleb suggested that they take their hand crossbows as they fetch a nice price. Linda kept one hand crossbow for herself.
They move once again towards Alvis, though the rest of the journey there is quite uneventful. They do find a lone traveler on the way, but when they warn him of the drow danger but he doesn’t seem at all worried about it.
They arrive in the small town of Alvis, ready to find out more about the stolen pendants.


  1. Caleb's pure, unadulterated awesomeness is not shining through here as much as it should. I do hope you will remedy this with the next piece :P

  2. Neat, a Pathfinder campaign journal! I'm pretty excited to have found your site. Thanks for participating in the Divine Hell challenge so I could find out about you.

  3. Going to be taking 3 weeks leave soon so I'll have time to write our next session up. Session 8 coming up this weekend, Woohoo!