Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 4 - Violence

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe.

Two dead cops lay in pools of blood. Death smells fresh in the air.

Inside this warehouse was the man who murdered Ms Sharma, among many others.

In hell, killers go to the outer ring of violence, submerged forever in a boiling river of blood.

The silence is deafening as I hug the right hand wall, scanning each aisle with my outstretched pistol. Luke is on the opposite wall.

I’m ready to shoot this asshole if he shows his face. Much like the centaurs in hell shoots any who emerge from the bubbling red river with arrows.

There! Leaning against a shelf near the other wall. Luke walks almost right into him.

The deafening shot echoes through the warehouse.

Life was fading from Luke, fast. With trembling hands he grabs his charm and kisses it before collapsing, forming his own pool of blood.

Told you he wouldn’t last long.


  1. I love your protagonist's familiarity with and interest in Hell--especially as he compares himself to the centaurs who patrol the rivers of blood.

    And of course the sick disregard for life with "Told you he wouldn't last long." as his own partner dies. At this point I'm on the edge of my seat for the finale--you've done a great job of pulling me in and making me want more.

    In particular I'm curious about the killer not getting his comeuppance here in Violence. Suggests darker things may be ahead.

  2. I like how you modernized the centaurs here, and kept the arc of the story flowing nicely.