Sshakkrum (Skyrim concept character)

Yes, the anticipation in killing me! Today is the final workday before I drive to the store to purchase my copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! During the week I pondered about what type of character I'd play and soon, I had this scene in my head that I just had to put to paper digital text...that expression just doesn't work nowadays! Anyway, here it is, Sshakkrum, Argonian Illusionist Thief:

Geoffrey’s eyes always grew heavy this time of night. The flickering of torchlight was eating at his consciousness. A few times he felt himself nodding off but quickly snapped himself out of it.
"C'mon Geoffrey! Don't screw this up!" he exclaimed as he slapped himself to wake up. His voice echoed through the empty hallway. Celius should be arriving soon from his patrol through the lower level of the mansion, then they'll rotate and he would patrol. That at least will keep him awake.
He heard a soft hissing sound from the end of the hallway, "Hallo? Celius, is that you?" he called. It couldn’t be Celius, he thought, he never mucked about. Celius was hoping to be promoted soon and he always handled himself professionally. Geoffrey drew his sword fast enough to send a tone from the sharp well-polished steel through the hallway, hoping to deter whatever he heard.
As Geoffrey cautiously walked down the hallway, he considered whether he might have imagined the sound. Not unlikely he thought, being as tired as he was, but his racing heartbeat was at least keeping him awake. The hair on his neck stood up when he heard a quiet footstep from next to him, but as he turned to look, he saw nothing.
Slow rhythmic footsteps from steel boots on stone floor started echoing through the hallways. Celius was returning, he thought with some relief as he continued to scan the hallway for movement.
He heard a whispered voice from behind, speaking incomprehensive words. Geoffrey turned to see a black skinned argonian man stretch out a glowing hand to grab him on the shoulder. Too late to react, Geoffrey’s mind felt fuzzy for a brief second as the magic discharged.
The argonian looked him in the eyes and spoke monotonously, "Doooon't let anyone get passst."
Geoffrey nodded, he didn't know why but the command from this argonian intruder seemed reasonable. With another few words and gestures from the lizardman, he blended in with the surroundings. Geoffrey could still see him, but it seemed as though he was made out of glass. He turned and headed towards the treasury entrance Geoffrey was guarding, and started working on the lock.

Celius was sick of guard duty, especially during this time of night. He spent weeks trying to impress his superiors, not hard to do with the idiots they’re recruiting. He imagined he'd see Geoffrey sleeping again as he turned the corner to the treasury hallway, as was his routine. There stood Geoffrey though, wide awake and sword drawn.
“Don’t come any closer Celius!” screamed Geoffrey, lifting his sword.
“Geoffrey? What’s going on?” Celius drew his sword, scanning the room for the cause of Geoffrey’s distress. Geoffrey didn’t respond. “There’s nothing here! Stop mucking about!” Celius sheathed his sword again and started walking towards Geoffrey, expecting him to start laughing and telling him about the expression on his face.
“Don’t come any closer!” Geoffrey warned again. Celius stopped and grabbed the hilt of his sword again. Maybe Geoffrey was sleep walking, he thought. Celius heard the lock of the treasury’s door snap open. Only then did he see the vague figure behind Geoffrey. The door opened and it entered the treasury.
“Geoffrey, someone just entered the treasury! Stop this nonsense!” Celius drew his sword again and approached the door. Geoffrey took the first swing.

Sshakkrum grinned when he heard the sound of metal hitting metal. The art of illusion magic has made his profession child’s play. The chameleon effect wore off as he went through the second door. Such a shame, he thought as the contents of the treasury room became apparent, so many valuables and no time to steal it. He was looking for a specific object inside the treasury. He conjured up another spell, Clairvoyance, to point out the trinket he was looking for. He heard a cry of pain from out in the hallway as he saw what he was looking for.

Celius didn’t waste any time as Geoffrey fell lifeless to the floor. He ran inside the treasury, searching for any signs of the thief. He stood dead still, hoping for a telltale sign of his location. He knew he was in trouble as soon as he heard an arrow being knocked. With no chance to run or take cover, he soon stood with an arrow protruding from his thigh. The thief was visible then, already slinging the bow over his shoulder.
“Ha!” Celius laughed, “You’ll have to do better than that to kill me!”
“Kiiill you?” asked Sshakkrum mockingly, “Whooo sssaid I was trying to kiiill you?”
Only then did Celius realize himself rapidly fading from consciousness. He tried to fight the sudden fatigue that fell over him, but the poison was too strong, and soon he toppled over. The last thing he saw before falling asleep was the argonian disappear into the hallway.

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