Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 3 - Fraud

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe. 

The police radio breaks the silence of the murder scene, “Suspect seen fleeing his vehicle on the corner of Benson and Grave.” That’s Morgan’s voice, the son of a bitch with a price tag on his badge. Everyone knows that he's dirty, that with a large enough bribe he’ll literally let you get away with murder. 

Damn hypocrite. 

Our so called “loyalty” to one another has been enough to keep him out of jail.

“Shots fired!” I can hear gunfire behind his voice. He’ll get what’s coming to him soon enough...

“Officer down!” It’s his partner this time, his voice is trembling with panic, “Morgan’s dead!”

As we make a run for the squad car, I do my best to stifle the grin that’s creeping onto my face. The bastard won’t like what’s waiting on the other side. 


  1. And we move from the trip into hell in the first post, to earth in the second and now the sinner actually getting their comeuppance while on Earth.

    Very curious to see where we go from here, and really loving the crime drama feel of it all.

  2. I agree with David, compelling stuff so far.