So magependragon has offered to host a DnD 4e session to introduce us to the system. I have to admit, I am not very fond of the new 4e system, but I'm having a go at it. Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover.
I decided for this one or two sessions I'll revive one of my favorite characters from the past, Maggot, a gnomish Fighter/Rogue from 3.5e. After going through the rules, I decided that barbarian would fit him better this time round. This character came to me after reading a lot of Deadpool comics, and the result was, as I said, one of the best characters I've ever played (in terms of fun, not so much efficiency). Pen asked for a bit of a history, and this is what I came up with:

Maggot's head still spun as he stood up. The world twirled around and he staggered about like a drunkard. He started laughing, "What a rush!" he exclaimed. He fell on his back again, still laughing. A blurred figure stood over him. "I know you said don't touch, Torch, but you HAVE To try it!" His vision started to clear, and he stared into the beady eyes of a half man, half dragon. "Fuck me! You're even uglier than Torch!" he screamed as he punched the thing in the face.


Walking Nature's Path

Pathfinder session today! In preparation I reread (and editted) my character's history as I've felt that I wasn't playing true to the character lately. I want to write more of our Pathfinder campaign and post it here, so I thought I'd post this for anyone who cares to see. 
Kharak'Tole was the half-orc barbarian Ralph Rudd was going to play. In the end though, he ended up playing an elven wizard named Caleb. 


Baldur walked through the forest with the ease of a man walking on a cobblestone path. Thick muscled legs took large and precise strides through the overgrowth.  The man was large and muscular from head to toe, but wore a friendly smile that put anyone at ease with him. He was draped in thick bear hide and wore a large wooden shield on his left arm. Hanging from his belt was a small uprooted tree which he used as a club when it was time to fight.



Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 5 - Treachery

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe.
 I allow myself to feel again for the first time in months. The pain still cuts deep. Time doesn’t blunt sorrow’s wicked knife. It takes all of my effort not to pull the trigger as tears well up.

I have Ms Sharma’s murderer on his knees next to Luke’s body, hands in the air. He’s staring down my pistol’s barrel, grinning, “Shoot me! We can go to hell together, partner.”

Not where you’re going you treacherous piece of shit, you’re going all the way down. “I trusted you! They did too!” I point at the dead cops, “And my wife...” Again I fight urges to murder him.

Don’t do this, she’s waiting for you. Don’t let her down.

“You are under arrest...” I start reading his rights. Cop killer and serial killer. He’ll have a taste of hell while he’s living.

Still, I wish he’d make a run for it.
That's it! Over and done. Done and dusted. Finish en kla! This was a surprisingly large amount of fun. And I've met a few bloggers in the process.
I'd like to give Ralph Rudd, a close friend of mine, the credit he deserves for always taking the time to read through my drafts and giving advice where it's needed. Also, he's the one who usually gets me to write flash fiction even though I put up a big fight. Appreciative cake and burgers will follow mate!



Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 4 - Violence

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe.

Two dead cops lay in pools of blood. Death smells fresh in the air.

Inside this warehouse was the man who murdered Ms Sharma, among many others.

In hell, killers go to the outer ring of violence, submerged forever in a boiling river of blood.

The silence is deafening as I hug the right hand wall, scanning each aisle with my outstretched pistol. Luke is on the opposite wall.

I’m ready to shoot this asshole if he shows his face. Much like the centaurs in hell shoots any who emerge from the bubbling red river with arrows.

There! Leaning against a shelf near the other wall. Luke walks almost right into him.

The deafening shot echoes through the warehouse.

Life was fading from Luke, fast. With trembling hands he grabs his charm and kisses it before collapsing, forming his own pool of blood.

Told you he wouldn’t last long.


Uncle Kelly

Entry to the Super Holiday Mega Giveaway Contest

There stood uncle Kelly
brown beer stains on his belly
All bald and in studded leather
looked far from very merry

His steed stood up in front
and made a mighty grunt
as strong as a lion and made out of iron
you'd find no finer mount

And over his right shoulder
trash bags there did hung
And by the way that he did sway
twas clear that he was drunk

"Open up!" he went and shouted
"I have free rum and brandy"
and with a smile he passed a vial
"I hope your evening's dandy!"


Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 3 - Fraud

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe. 

The police radio breaks the silence of the murder scene, “Suspect seen fleeing his vehicle on the corner of Benson and Grave.” That’s Morgan’s voice, the son of a bitch with a price tag on his badge. Everyone knows that he's dirty, that with a large enough bribe he’ll literally let you get away with murder. 

Damn hypocrite. 

Our so called “loyalty” to one another has been enough to keep him out of jail.

“Shots fired!” I can hear gunfire behind his voice. He’ll get what’s coming to him soon enough...

“Officer down!” It’s his partner this time, his voice is trembling with panic, “Morgan’s dead!”

As we make a run for the squad car, I do my best to stifle the grin that’s creeping onto my face. The bastard won’t like what’s waiting on the other side. 



Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 2 - Heresy

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe. 

See that detective? Crouching by Ms Sharma? That’s my partner, Luke. He too has no place in heaven. See, he’s an atheist, a rather loud one at that.

“A shame,” he says, malice in his eyes, “Wasted her short life living up to a god’s expectations that doesn’t exist,” see what I mean? A real prick, “Think of everything she missed out on, I’ll bet she’s still a virgin,” I always find his disrespect for the dead so vulgar...second to his disrespect for religion.

I see the charm shimmer from the depths of his open shirt collar. It’s funny really. He would rather kiss a coin than pray to a higher being for good fortune.

They say in hell there is a place, called heresy, where you are locked for eternity in a burning tomb...for his sake I hope he doesn’t die soon.

But I doubt it can be avoided.



Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 1 - Limbo

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe.

Tamali Sharma has a place in the afterlife...

She was murdered at the hands of a man with a doomed soul, scrambling to make the most of the time he has left living before spending the rest of eternity paying for it. More on him later. First, let’s focus for a while on Ms Sharma.

She was a pre-school teacher who kept a high moral standard throughout her life. Some of her worst crimes included lying to children about the tooth fairy. Her death was a meaningless coincidence, simply the wrong place at the wrong time. She was a Hindu however, thus the gates of heaven remains shut. But don’t feel too sorry. People like Ms Sharma have a place in the afterlife. It’s almost, but not quite, as wonderful as heaven.

This place is limbo.


Our Fifth Pathfinder Session

After our fifth session of playing Pathfinder, I decided to write up our adventures to immortalise this epic journey. This was a relatively short session, and after seeing how much time it took, my insparation jumped out the back door and down the fire escape screaming. No, I havn't given up completely, but it's gonna take some time. Between me and another player we'll get things written down eventually, but for now, here is session 5:


Sshakkrum (Skyrim concept character)

Yes, the anticipation in killing me! Today is the final workday before I drive to the store to purchase my copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! During the week I pondered about what type of character I'd play and soon, I had this scene in my head that I just had to put to paper digital text...that expression just doesn't work nowadays! Anyway, here it is, Sshakkrum, Argonian Illusionist Thief: