Lady Antimony's December Blog Challenge

Day 2 - Heresy

Just want to state first that this was written according to the views portrayed by Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. It by no means represents what I believe. 

See that detective? Crouching by Ms Sharma? That’s my partner, Luke. He too has no place in heaven. See, he’s an atheist, a rather loud one at that.

“A shame,” he says, malice in his eyes, “Wasted her short life living up to a god’s expectations that doesn’t exist,” see what I mean? A real prick, “Think of everything she missed out on, I’ll bet she’s still a virgin,” I always find his disrespect for the dead so vulgar...second to his disrespect for religion.

I see the charm shimmer from the depths of his open shirt collar. It’s funny really. He would rather kiss a coin than pray to a higher being for good fortune.

They say in hell there is a place, called heresy, where you are locked for eternity in a burning tomb...for his sake I hope he doesn’t die soon.

But I doubt it can be avoided.


  1. First stab at something dark and it rolls off nicely. Always knew that underneath your "good guy" persona there was a mass murderer.

  2. I'm with Mr. Cowboy, will have to watch what I say around you, don't want to set you off ;-)

  3. And now we learn that the speaker is a detective... Very intrigued. Seems like a hard-boiled detective narrative set in the world of Dante's Divine Comedy, which suddenly seems like such an awesome idea I wish I'd thought of it.

    Great job with the characterizations. Especially the partner's cold lack of appreciation for Ms. Sharma's situation and thinking it a waste she didn't sin more.