Naria's Treachery - Rule of Three (part 2)

Naria quivered with excitement as she touched the door of the Tenth Spoke inn. Stocke would arrive soon and she’ll get her hands on a fresh piece of pyrox. The amulet around her neck contains such a piece, but its energy has been almost completely spent. 
Inside, the inn was deserted except for the man behind the bar counter.

“If it isn’t my favorite barkeep!” she greeted with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, “Where is that sorry boss of yours?”
“Been in his room since yesterday ma’am,” he replied, eyes dreamy with a dim-witted smile on his face. Naria was disgusted by the man, but his affections for her would make his mind weak.
“Good, we wouldn’t want him disturbing us,” she said flirtingly as she leaned over the counter.
Sweat beads started forming on the barkeep’s balding forehead, “err…disturbing us ma’am?”
A wicked smile formed over Naria’s lips and the pale red crystal in her amulet started glowing slightly, “Listen carefully you simple minded ox, when Stocke orders a drink tonight, I want you to add this,” she produces a small vial with a translucent liquid inside, “Make sure no one sees you and don’t tell anyone. Understood?”
The barkeep’s wide eyed gaze into Naria’s eyes was interrupted with a few blinks, “I couldn’t do that ma’am, the boss’ll have me head.”
The crystal’s glow faded and Naria cursed inside of her. The pyrox has gone so weak she couldn’t even control a simpleton. She managed to calm down as she convinced herself to give it another go. She pouted and put on a sad face, “Clement doesn’t need to know dear, it’s our surprise to Stocke.” The crystal started its faint glow again. “Clement won’t find out…”
“Naria?” the voice of Clement came from behind her, “What are you doing? What is in that vial?”
“Clement,” she said as she turned to face him, “So very nice to see you again.”
Clement didn’t take his eyes from the vial, “Are you trying to poison Stocke?” he continued, “In my bar?” his face went red and his anger took over before he could stop himself, “You wreck my inn year after year! You ruin my business during the town’s busiest week with your antics!”
Naria rolled her eyes annoyed, “Clement,” she warned, “You better calm down.”
“Now you want to poison someone in my bar and ruin the last remaining credibility this place has!” Clement shook his finger at Naria, “No! I won’t allow it! You can do your business elsewhere! I’m done with…” Clement choked and grabbed his throat.
The pyrox glowed a little brighter this time as Naria watched the life draining from Clement. His thrashing on the floor calmed down as he started to slip from consciousness. The crystal stopped glowing suddenly. Clement gasped to fill his empty lungs. To her dismay, Naria realized that her fit of anger has drained the pyrox completely. Luckily she didn’t kill Clement, she thought, Stocke would never have traded if she did.
 “Put this in Stocke’s drink,” she said as she put the vial on the bar counter, “Or I’ll make sure your inn isn’t the only thing that gets destroyed this year.” She headed outside but stopped at the door, “Oh, and darling, make sure my room is ready for tonight, I’m off to enjoy the festivities.” 

561 words
Prompt: Someone is killed or almost killed

Part 1 can be found here.


  1. I like Naria she brings quite a bit to the table...

    Ladys Knight

  2. I love this development! Naria definitely changes the stakes set in the impending meeting.

  3. Been by to have a read – sorry I can’t say too much while judging!


  4. P.S.: could you please state which prompts you used? I know it's usually apparent from the story but it'll make the judges' lives so much easier! thanks!

  5. Posted the prompt used on both parts.

  6. Ooh, she's downright evil. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

  7. Awesome! Naria sounds like and evil piece of humanity. Can't wait to see how things turn out. :-)

  8. How annoying, to put a damper on business by poisoning the patrons ;-)

  9. Poison and women. Go figure.

    Looking forward to week three.

    Tale Spinning

  10. Yeah, this is fun stuff. I liked how she was trying to vamp the barkeep even though inside she was thinking such unkind thoughts. That pyrox stone is certainly intriguing.

  11. What a bitch.

    Love it.

  12. Great stakes. Do we meet Stocke this week, or focus on the barkeep?

  13. She's sneaky! Can't wait to find out what happens next.

  14. Oh my...she does have her mind set, doesn't she?

  15. who would have thought, you had writing talent... seems my sister has good taste :P