Trouble at the Tenth Spoke Inn - Rule of Three (part 4)

Stocke opened the bag revealing the smooth river stones within, a rune engraved on each one. “I can’t,” said Naria tossing her expended pyrox on the table.
Stocke looked worriedly at Naria, “There was a time when you didn’t need pyrox to do this.” Naria shrugged. He placed a new piece of pyrox on the table in front of him. Naria snatched it greedily. The crystal shone bright red in her hands and she took a long deep breath, eyes closed.


Stocke's Arrival - Rule of Three (part 3)

Stocke laughed as the children of Renaissance flocked around him and his donkey. Some of them pet or fed the donkey while others jumped on the cart with him. They bombarded him with questions and requests while eyeing the bags on the cart for their presents.
"Tell us a story!"
"Can I play with your sword?"
"What did you get us this year?"
"Did you fight any monsters?"
"Can I ride on the donkey?"


Naria's Treachery - Rule of Three (part 2)

Naria quivered with excitement as she touched the door of the Tenth Spoke inn. Stocke would arrive soon and she’ll get her hands on a fresh piece of pyrox. The amulet around her neck contains such a piece, but its energy has been almost completely spent. 
Inside, the inn was deserted except for the man behind the bar counter.


Clement's Despair - Rule of Three (part 1)

Clement sank his face into his hands in despair. The inn was empty, except for him and the burly barkeep that doubled as the doorman. The Tenth Spoke inn was a reputable establishment that was always clean, had fair prices and enough enforcement to keep the undesirables out, usually. Clement’s family has had this inn for generations before him, but none had to put up with anything like this.

Challenge Accepted

So, after taking part in Chuck Wending's flash fiction challenges my friend over at Zombie Cowboy challenged me to the Rule of Three. I, not wanting to buy him a hat, accepted and swept this blog clean of the dust that gathered since I made it. 

Stay tuned and expect fiction soon!